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Student Stories

Robert, Germany

Robert, 22, is a German student who is currently experiencing China during his exchange semester in the heart of China, Xi'an. 
What impresses him most about the country are the numerous opposites one can find in China and it's great diversity. On his journey through China he visited places as Beijing, the Gobi desert, Huashan, Guilin, Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Dun Huang and of course Xi'an. The international business student decided to study Chinese because he is fascinated by the rich Chinese culture and he expects to have an advantage on the global job market by speaking Mandarin. We say, he is right about that.

George, Russia

George, 25, is a Russian student who studies International Business Management in Germany. He took the chance to experience China with an exchange semester at a Partner- University in the vibrant city of Shanghai. Because of his entrepreneurial spirit he wanted to find new business ideas and inspiration in the booming area. He travelled Shanghai, Beijing, Huang Shan and villages of eastern China which allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and diverse society. The trilingual student says, the highlight of his time in China was celebrating his birthday on the Great Wall. We say thank you for sharing you story, George!

Patrick, Germany

Patrick, 25, is an International Business student from Germany and went to China for an exchange semester. In Shanghai he studied Chinese economy and business as he plans to work in China in the future. As he loves to learn to speak and write Chinese he founded this website, Duang Mandarin, in order to share his passion and experiences about China and its language. What he loves most about China, are the open minded Shanghai people and their pursuit of happiness. He believes China is the new place of opportunities and freedom and his vision is to encourage more international students to learn Chinese and experience the east asian culture.

Sabrina, Germany

"My dream to come to China dates back to my time as a high school student when I had just begun to learn Mandarin. Admittedly, China has been on my radar primarily for professional reasons but having learned so much about it, my curiosity to explore dragon land was also sparked on a personal level. Knowing that one day I would actually make it there I continued my efforts to learn the language with a private teacher who also educated me about the profound Chinese culture. As part of my study program, I now call Shanghai my temporary home where I am doing an internship at a pharmaceutical company. Here, I cannot get enough of the metropolitan lifestyle where Asia blends so flawlessly with Western cultures. During the week I am working on exciting projects at work and I reserve the weekends to explore this mega city making sure to visit food and fabric markets. In order to make my Chinese fluent once and for all, I receive two hours of Chinese classes each week along with 2 meetings of Tandem with my new Chinese friend who is planning to visit Germany soon. Chinese continues to be a challenge but I am positive to reach my goal of having a solid Chinese one day in the future. Shanghai definitely has its own peculiarities which can be seen in the customs cultivated by the Shanghainese. Even the local dialect differs from those spoken in other regions. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to see much of China leaving me little opportunity to compare Shanghai to the many other places worth seeing in China. Visits to other places are planned for the New Year. As for the many stereotypes we have in mind when thinking of China, I must say that many are true but many are also hyped by people who haven't even been here themselves. So I say, come and let China enchant you! It really is a lovely place!"

James, New Zealand

James, the 22 year old architecture student from New Zealand was working as an intern in Shanghai. As the city is a hotspot for modern architecture his internship was an important step towards his future career. James was always fascinated by the Chinese culture and he decided to experience it first hand. His home, New Zealand has also strong economic ties with China as many Chinese people are doing business in New Zealand. Therefore having a grounding in Chinese culture and language has many benefits back home in NZ. During his three months in China, James was able to visit amazing places such as Beijing, Xi'an, Huangshan and Guilin. The people of Shanghai, both locals and expats really made his time special and allowed him to understand day to day life in China. We are glad you shared your interesting story and photos with us!

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Laura, Germany

Laura, the international business student from Germany is currently experiencing an exchange semester in "the venice of the east", Suzhou. She decided to go to China because she is extremely fascinated by China's culture and its language. While studying Mandarin, Laura especially enjoys to write Chinese characters as she finds them very fine and beautiful. Moreover the 21 year old hobby-chef loves the Chinese cuisine which offers a great variety of vegan dishes and delicious street food such as sweet potatoes, fresh fruit juices or baozi. What Laura likes most about China is the way people enjoy eating. Sitting together at a big table and sharing all the delicious dishes makes her very happy. Beside Suzhou she visited Shanghai, Tongli and magnificent Hangzhou. If you like to see more of her adventure in China, you can follow her on Instagram: @Carbadventurechina

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